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  1. It looks like I am being inopportune here, asking pertinent questions. At least, this is my opinion. Well, what can we do? However, thank you kindly for your time.
  2. Thank you for your prompt message. I am surprised Kasperky has different opinions on the same item. It sounds like a medical consultation: you see a doctor who says you are healthy and there are no problems, and then another one says you are not so healthy. I know in computing thing work in two ways only: 0 or 1, yes or no. I have a friend who attempted to do banking online about two or three weeks ago. Kasperky told him the website is infected with HEUR: Trojan.Script.Balada.gen. Every day for about two weeks, he tried to log in to that website, and each time he did this, he got the same warning. Now I am asking myself: What do the bank's IT and security staff do? Don't they realize that something is wrong? Then he tried a site just for his curiosity and everything was fine. And no, I do not work for these guys, or get any commission. https:// quttera . com/website-malware-scanner Again, thank you for your message and I am interested to hear your opinion.
  3. Hello, Reading the posts, Cody_MGO checked the website with Kasperky Intelligent Portal, and it showed everything was fine. Now you say that it is not a false alarm. In other words, the "Kaspersky Intelligent Portal" is a useless tool, being there just for fun.
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