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  1. Hi @Flood and Flood's wife and @Wesly.Zhang, I can’t thank you enough for your helps!!!! I'm so sorry to say I made a mistake last night. I misunderstood a function called "启动" in Chinses which usually translated from "Start up" in English. It's ok to use "启动" to express the meaning of running a sofeware. But in the 卡巴斯基安全软件(Kaspersky Internet Security Chinese conterpart) software, there are two phrases 1)"允许启动" which should means to allow one software to run; 2)"禁止启动" should means to prohibit one software to run. The key problem is, in Windows software context, sometimes "允许启动" one software means "Run this software after the OS started". As a result, I thought Jamovi should not be started up after OS started up, then I moved the Jamovi to the "禁止启动" list. Al in all, this post is about a problem of inaccurate translation and misunderstanding. As a Chinese user who is supporting Kaspersky software, I give two suggestions: 1)give a clear Kaspersky message insteading of ambiguous Windows error after a program prohibition; 2)give more tips about Kaspersky software functions. Thanks again & sorry to waste your time for my own reasons.
  2. Windows version: Windows 10 21H2 build number 19044.1586 Kaspersky application: 卡巴斯基安全软件, counterpart in Chinese of Kaspersky Internet Security Problem description: Jamovi(Version is a open source statictical software developed in Electron technology chain. At first day I installed Jamovi, Jamovi worked fine. Tonight when I want to do my statistical homework using Jamovi, it throwed an error on my Windows OS. Specifically to say there are steps as follow to positioning problem: 1. Double click the shortcut of Jamovi in Start menu, there is nothing happening. 2. Run shortcut of Jamovi in Start menu using "Run as administrator", an error window poped up. The error window message is about "Windows cannot access the specified device, path, or file" error when you try to install, update or start a program or file", like the window displaying in screenshot. 3. Locate to the installation path of Jamovi, and try to run jamovi.exe, there is also an error window poped up. 4. After I quit the Kaspersky Internet Security, of course I mean the Chinese version called "卡巴斯基安全软件". The Jamovi software can running again. By the way, the language setting of my Windows OS is English. Thank you for your helping~
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