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  1. So when you face issue on all 4 macs you can blame only Catalina 😀. It was nightmares to use macs since November. But now, 2 months in a row I do not see any bridgeOs panic messages anymore. PEACE. Before it happens 5 to 10 times a day on each mac freezes or bridgeOs crashes with no idea what happens next. In total 30 to 40 crashes/freezes per day, kids unhappy, wife who has believe that I broke her mac… I’m was very angry on apple / Catalina. It over now. I use Kaspersky since 2002 year. initially Windows only, now I migrated to macs thanks to Windows 8
  2. Thank you FLOOD, I got this issue reproduced on 4 macs: imac 2013, pro 2015/2018 and mini 2018. I don’t think it hardly possible to not to reproduce the issue, as it reproduced on ALL 4 macs/ for 3 appleIds. I also has 1 windows desktop, where it works fine. It took time for me to realise that this is KIS, 2 guys from apple genius bar help me debug it out. They initially replaced motherboard but it not solved issue. So I spent 3 hours by installing/reinstalling macos and different variations of software. Even when we realised that issue present only when KIS installed we still test different variations. Initially they throughout that issue due to parallels. But when only parallels installed we don’t observe issue. So I contact Kaspersky support with all information that guys give in hands (some logs from genius bar), but Kaspersky support has no interest in such information, they ask me to enable logs and send their logs instead. Once I submit logs I got response that they looking into problem. As it pass some amount of time, I requested again about this issue in March. They asked again to provide logs, but I didn’t do this again. Lucky my KIS Cloud edition license was near expiration, so I just turned off automatic renewal, and start looking for alternative. I keep looking here, as I hope to get back to Kaspersky next year but if it Not resolved I have to find permanent alternative or stay with norton
  3. As far as understand they promise to provide fix in march or early April, at least when I call to support team in january. I don’t think they have priority on fixing this issue. Norton AV working fine.
  4. Sad to say, but probably not going to renew Kaspersky, as it uninstalled and only 18 days left, will startlook for some alternatives
  5. kaspesky cloud - multiple freezes crashes, during the week (3-5 crashes every day). Ones I exit kaspersky 2 days running fine).
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