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  1. We would like to continue investigation of the issue with version 2021. Additional information has been requested in frames of incident. If possible, please collect the data and developers will continue the analysis. Thank you all for your help //mod: Added quote of important content.
  2. @FLOOD I sent what he asked me the technical support I have all the emails to proving this Ask a question to the technical support to confirm it to you
  3. See here how irresponsible and bad is Kaspersky's technical support Read this email I received I followed their instructions and the result is this see it See kis version and protection status After that there is someone here who insists that there is Kaspersky technical support ? Shame on them mocking the customers
  4. I want to mention that there is no technical support See the latest email I received from technical support And tell me how technical support you are talking about ?
  5. Hello bobi this the problem with using the cpu is known from ΚΙS version 19 But they can not give a solution to this I uninstalled the Kaspersky Internet Security from my computer See also
  6. see the email I received from Kaspersky technical support https://kas.pr/car> bomgar-scc-w0i7c30wd6y8idjhij58wgh8gyy7dz5wyhggzx6c40jc90.exe >License Agreement I will not comment on anything the images speak for themselves I hope after that you all to understand
  7. When I shout that Kaspersky technical support is non-existent I am wrong ? Not available for version 21 dump files tool I am wrong ? See all here (only from 20) https://support.kaspersky.com/common/diagnostics/8006#block1 (Kaspersky Internet Security 20, Kaspersky Anti-Virus 20, Kaspersky Total Security 20, Kaspersky Security Cloud 20: kavlog_kiskavktskscloud20.zip) t he man who released version 21 shouldn't have predicted this ??? Kaspersky's technical support the worst I've come across I am wrong ? ps I want to thank Wesly.Zhang for his help
  8. Hello Wesly.Zhang Name:avp.exe.dmp.rarSize:93.7 MB I uploaded it to the mega.nz I am sending you the link with pm use winrar to decompress the file Thanks
  9. I found this Process Hacker from here https://processhacker.sourceforge.io/ He managed to do dump the avp.exe but the file it created is huge avp.exe.dmp 312MB
  10. I tried to do the avp.have full dump but the Process Explorer vl6 He can't do it saves an avp.dmp file with a size of 0 bytes I tried this kavlog_kiskavktskscloud20.zip from here https://support.kaspersky.com/common/diagnostics/8006#block2 ( I read the instructions ) but I get the error message ΚΙS / KAV trace setup utility Can not find the product. Any help please
  11. hello Wesly.Zhang I did what you asked me this is the snapshot
  12. thanks Wesly.Zhang I contacted support but For the story see this snapshot Kaspersky Internet Security Protection is disabled Self-Defense >disable Network >disable Process Explorer avp.exe CPU 18.83 ( The avp.exe is uncontrollable )
  13. Hello Anton Mefodys What is the purpose of the trial version? Why the Kaspersky does not mention that it only supports the commercial version with activation code and not the trial versions If I had fallen into the trap of buying a license I would cry the money I gave for a problematic Antivirus Very bad policy of Kaspersky company
  14. As you can see, the support team did not provide any solution to the problem I wasted a lot of time with a faulty antivirus I'm sorry but I will look for another antivirus without any problems
  15. Second GSI6_SAKIS-PC_sakis_08_31_2020_15_17_52 https://www.getsysteminfo.com/report/a51dd7f6e9a9654f7edaf29495543fc4 From what I understand you can not give a solution to my problem?
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