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  1. Why would an optimizer app want to edit the hosts file
  2. The Trojan was detected when I was running an app (I think it's an optimizer app) when a command prompt window popped up, there was a piece of text, it's not even a code, It popped up for like 2 seconds before closing and then Kaspersky asked me to take action as my PC started to behave strangely
  3. Interesting, in the report, Kaspersky detected the trojan at C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\host
  4. No, idk what hosts file is. Maybe the Trojan changed it since when it infects my PC, I can't access anything because I don't have the permission to or something
  5. I haven't changed any settings in Kaspersky. It asked me to disinfect a Trojan named Trojan.Win32.Hosts2.gen
  6. I can't screenshot the notification, it only pops up when a threat is active
  7. I am currently using Kaspersky Free and Windows 10. Whenever there's a threat, a notification from Kaspersky will pop up, asking me to take action. Is there a way to make Kaspersky take action automatically?
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