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  1. So here’s a weird issue im having. Today I got on my computer and steam store in the steam client (desktop mode) wont load without a error connection message. In fact I cannot connect to my friends list without an error. Here’s the odd part. On my browser (Firefox) I can succesfully connect to the store page. Furthermore on the steam client if I go on to Big Picture Mode, I can browse the steam store and my friends list without a problem. At first I thought it was a steam issue and tried reinstalling it. same problem. Upon realising it could be Kaspersky, I tried pausing kaspersky or closing it and it works! Steam store loads and I can see my friends list online without error. I’ve checked the application rules and it seems to be listed correctly as trusted etc. I’ve no idea what else I should do. could anyone advise me some steps I should take? Thanks in advance!
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