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  1. Hello @Flood and Flood's wife , thank you for your further support! To your questions: I tried that, but it didn’t work. KSK is version (f) KIS is version (b) I tried both ways: First by going through the KSK application, later by starting the brwoser directly. Same problem both ways. Yes, Cookies were accepted in every browser. KSK was installed via the KIS interface. I’m using KSK Free.
  2. Found it. The solution is to add an exclusion from scanning protected connections: Select ⚙ Settings, Additional, Network, in Network settings window, select Manage exclusions, add my.kaspersky.com I think they could have added THAT exception by default… Thank you, @nexon, for your support and your ideas that finally lead to the solution! 👍
  3. Well, I reset Edge, but that didn’t help. Now I shut down Kaspersky Internet Security completely (instead of “stopping” it like before), and - funny enough - now I can log me in! Trying to figure out the correct setting for Internet Security which prevents me from logging in to its own site... ☺
  4. Well, that worked! In safe mode I can log in to my account. Will there be a way to do it also in normal mode?
  5. Yes, I tried to clear the brwoser cache (I’m using Firefox), but did not reset to default (since I don’t like lsoing all settings for one website not working correctly). But I tried Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer instead, which I never use for anything else, and they showed the same behavior.
  6. Thanks for your reply, but this is no password problem. The password works when I log in on my mobile phone (Chrome browser). The login site freezes after typing everything in and shows this for hours (with the little white circle moving):
  7. Hello there, since I signed in to My Kaspersky one week ago to manage the Safe Kids settings, I cannot login from my desktop PC. I know my username and password, but after typing them in, the “wait” symbol is moving, but nothing more happens. I’m on Windows 10, and it doesn’t matter if I use Firefox oder Edge. Logging in on the mobile phone DOES work, though. I already tried switching off Kaspersky Internet Security, but it didn’t help, either. Any ideas what the problem is would be are appreciated. Without a soultion I will have to try something different than Kaspersky Safe Kids. Thank you in adavance!
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