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  1. Awesome, the instalation seem to have worked, if anyone is facing similar issue with their free version this worked perfectly for me, i really do hope Kaspersky shows a bit more love to Greece and introduce the Cloud Free for us too in the coming time, until then i think this is sufficient! Thank you Flood and Andrew for saving my PC 😄
  2. Thank you again for your time and detailed assistance, let me try right now and inform you and others with similar problems about the results!
  3. Awesome, i downloaded it however i am not sure how to do what you asked me, could you guide me through if its not too much trouble please? I am very greatfull
  4. @Flood and Flood's wife Thank you a lot for the fast reply, i have downloaded the Global version which i assume should be working, but it seems its region locked for Greece though its Global version from the link you have provided me with. To be a bit more specific and providing the necesary information i have attached two screenshots regarding this after my instalation that showed up. Both in the installed aplication and my My Kaspersky.
  5. I am a Kaspersky Free user since early 2020, i have recently re-installed windows on my computer with a diferent OS version [ I was Win 10 Enterprise now i am Win 10 Pro ] Kaspersky didn't recognize this as my actualy computer anymore and my kaspersky free licence was still only activated on the " ghost computer " i was unable to transfer it and there is no support for Free users. I tried to remove the old PC and just make a fresh Free programme, however now it seems that Kaspersky Free doesn't actually exist anymore and that this new Kaspersky Cloud Free is not availalble in Greece, so i am stuck without an Anti-virus [ except the Win 10 default one ] though i had a auto-renewable free license for the Kaspersky, any ideas or solutions so i can continue my free licence or make a new one?
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