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  1. This worked, don't know why, but it did. Thank you very much! Is it something in the report that tells Kaspersky to shut off any internet connection related to Windows programs? Or is it more of a bug that leads KSI to do strange things? Is there something I can do to prevent future such cases or will I have to do this report renaming procedure each month etc.?
  2. I'm using Kaspersky Internet Security version (i) on my Windows 11 PC with version 21H2 x64 Build 22000.613 This wasn't always the case, but Windows' own programs, like the updater and the mail program, are unable to access the internet when Kaspersky Internet Security is on. I have to exit the application completely in order for the Mail program and the Windows updater to work. I do use the Firewall functionality of KIS but I'm not sure where to look for Windows blocking entries. Is there any other area I should look into besides Firewall blacklists to find the problem?
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