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  1. @FLOOD About the “sign-in” load, I have no idea what happens. About the others, I checked the list and everything is ok. Thanks for recommending.
  2. @FLOOD Yes. This is my first installation, and I got the direct version on the official web so it’s supposed to be the newest one. And yes. I tried different browsers. Now, the site still unstoppably loads if I click “sign-in” (the other functions work fine). But after a few F5 attempts, I finally log in my account. So I can use Kaspersky Security Cloud, too. I assume that maybe my registration was delayed at that moment. Now the problem solves itself. @FLOOD @Anton Mefodys @richbuff Thanks for your replies.
  3. Hello, I’m trying to open Kaspersky Security Cloud and stuck at login step. It keeps saying that [Connection problem: No connection to My Kaspersky. Please try again later.] Then I go to https://my.kaspersky.com/ to check if my account works, and here is the result: Click on “Sign in” and it’ll be lastingly loading. Reset the site several times and I can input my account yet the response is [Could not sign in. Please try again later.] I need help!
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