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  1. Thank you. AI Suite 3 can load and Armoury Crate found my motherboard 👍
  2. After update the KIS database yesterday My ASUS Program can't load on start up. - AI Suite 3 not load. it show in this photo and I try to uninstall or re install but cannot. it show AsIO3.sys error. Try to setup new windows it work but when I install KIS and update the latest update it still have problem. I uninstall the KIS the AI Suite 3 it can work, load on start up no error. - Armoury Crate can not found motherboard. sometime it show the device menu but when I click it look like not responding and Aura Sync menu cannot found the motherboard. I try to uninstall and reinstall but not work but when I uninstall KIS the Armoury Crate found my motherboard and found in Aura Sync menu.
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