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  1. Is there something that I can do by myself? Some troubleshooting?
  2. I checked, avp.exe is the only one doing something, it shows using CPU.
  3. Background scan is disabled. There is nothing showing in KIS Reports. I don't know what KIS is doing?
  4. I have KIS on Windows 7 64. Whenever my PC is left idle for 15 min and when screen saver is turned on, KIS is doing something CPU intensive in the background until I start working again on PC. I was wondering why is this happening and how to disable this?
  5. I have two questions for KIS 2021: How to disable rootkit scan? How to disable automatic KIS application updating? I mean how to prevent KIS from updating itself to a new version.
  6. What is the meaning of disabled Perform Idle scan then? Why is using 100% of CPU only when in Login screen and not when Desktop screen?
  7. I don’t see anything when Login screen is on, I have used Process Monitor to capture events and I have seen that Kaspersky is using 100% of CPU for I don’t know what. I want to know what Kaspersky is doing so much every time when Login screen is on and Idle scan is off.
  8. I have Kaspersky 18.0 on Windows 7 x64. When Windows 7 login screen is on (user logged in, but not active) Kaspersky is always working something, maybe scanning. When I log in, Kaspersky stops. Why? I disabled Performe Idle Scan, so it should nothing. It’s consuming 100% of CPU that way.
  9. I have free dynamic DNS for IP address, and it’s changing, that’s why I need to put DNS name instead of IP address.
  10. OK, but I don’t want specific IP address but to put mycomp.abc.com name.
  11. I opened Remote Desktop but I don’t know how to open it just for mycomp.abc.com IP address. Where to put mycomp.abc.com?
  12. How to block port 3389 (remote desktop) in KIS for all incoming address except for mycomp.abc.com?
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