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  1. So how can i increase the number of licensed objects, since i purchased the product from the online store. setting up a new workspace doesnt work
  2. I have kaspersky endpoint security plus for 10 users, which comes with security for 365 covering 15 users, but my mailbox protection is full 15/15 which i would like to increase, so my question is, does purchasing another kaspersky endpoint security license allow me to increase the number of mailbox users. because under the section of license it says replace licence so if i bought i licence for 5 users and chose the replace option, would it completely replace the old license or it would just add on the mailbox
  3. Hi, i purchased kaspersky endpoint security cloud plus which i understand is bundled with security for office 365. but instead my kaspersky security for office 365 is set to a trial version. how can i fix this.
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