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  1. Hello, by "with contents" I mean "full" as I have not been able to shred the contents. The shredder browser links to the folders/files in the 'library', not the shortcut icon.
  2. Hello, thanks for your reply to my post. I'm pretty sure only the contents were shredded, as the shortcut itself has not disappeared from my desktop. After that I did not try to shred the contents for some time, but when I did the 'Recycle Bin' had disappeared from the library list. The shortcut icon with contents however is still on my desktop screen. Strange goings on. I suspect that some Filipino entity/authority is meddling with the Kaspersky settings. But I can't be sure, of course. Last time the Kaspersky specialists could not fix this. I was able to circumvent this for some time by transferring the files to any other 'Folder' in Pictures and then shred that folder with contents. But eventually this trick was blocked, too! Have a nice day & week wherever you may be. Mike P.S. CCleaner & Avast do not have this problem. Perhaps they are better protected against outside interference.
  3. Hello, just rejoined Kaspersky Security Cloud, BUT I'm having the same problem as last time. After one successful shredding of the Recycle Bin the Shredder is no longer able to locate the Recycle Bin in the Library. It's nowhere to be found! I have submitted a ticket which is currently being looked into. I reside in the Philippines, and suspect that some Filipino authority is blocking the shredder. Does anyone in the Philippines have the same problem?
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