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  1. I did another clean install and it appeared to be ok for the moment. I will report back if the problem appears again.
  2. Here is the task manager listing My cursor keeps on blinking and the computer is slowing down markedly.
  3. I deleted KIS and reinstalled it again. It was working fine. But when I turned on my computer the next day, the same problem appeared. I have made a request to Tech Support.
  4. Since update to the latest version, my computer is slowing down substantially. Especially when I open Outlook or open a browser (Firefox or Chrome), the power usage would jump to as very high and the CPU would be up to 60%. Generally the CPU would be around 30% or 40% when I did not have anything open or running. I am running Windows 10 prof and I am a paid customer of Kaspersky Internet Security. Please advise how to fix this problem.
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