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  1. You’re obviously of the same mind as me. Don’t get me wrong, I think Kaspersky has done a reasonable job in the last few years of distancing itself from Russia and becoming a global company. \deleted\ # Mod: Part of the post has been deleted as it violates Community rules .
  2. 178 days left on my license and a happy Kaspersky user for over a decade, and still am. But it is going to be removed from all our machines today. The balance of risk of using this product has changed overnight. Just to say a big thanks to the experts on the forum for helping me and others like me over many years. One final question - what is the best method of removing every trace of this product from my machine? Thanks.
  3. @Anton Mefodys support have now come back to me and confirmed it is linked to bug #4598792.
  4. @Anton Mefodys With the option to “inject script into web traffic” turned back on, adding the suggested exception has the same positive effect for me - but I notice that @Flood and Flood's wife tried this with less conclusive results (see top of thread). Your post suggests this is a known error - but perhaps not to the dealing engineer who picked up my support case. Could you share the error report details on here? Thanks.
  5. @Flood and Flood's wife yeah, cache gets cleared and makes no difference. Nothing to report yet from tech support other than it seems to have been pushed further up the technical tree.
  6. @Flood and Flood's wife @smipx I was doing a bit more digging about yesterday with the browser developer console open to see if there were any interesting errors at the point the hang occurs. In my case there is, and the errors are consistent with what I have already noted - I see the problem on Chrome and Firefox, but NOT Edge. When I untick the inject script option in KIS, the error disappears on both Chrome and Firefox and all is well. There are two other syntax errors that occur on every page of the Screwfix site and are probably nothing to do with the fault. I know nothing about this sort of thing but when I Google the error, I’m getting loads of hits on data coming back in an unexpected format (HTML instead of JSON?) - which makes me wonder if this script insertion KIS does is jumping into the middle of something a little unusual about the way the Screwfix site works. (maybe that rotating thingy or something...). That’s my simplistic view anyway! @Flood and Flood's wife what I CAN’T understand is why unticking that option gives such a rock-solid positive result for me, and seems to have no effect for you. Might be worth looking at your browser console to see if you at least see the same error. KIS might be doing something else that causes it too. @smipx but at least I can see how the problem might affect Edge for you and not me, as the fault could simply be a matter of timing. If you see the same error in Edge, I think that conclusion can be drawn. I’ve sent this info to Screwfix too in case it gives them a clue what might be happening at their end. Chrome: Firefox: Edge: no error (other than the normal two syntax error) and you can see it goes to page 2 of the results.
  7. Support case has now been picked up by an engineer and have just sent the trace/getsysinfo for the fault.
  8. @smipx a defector 😮 lol Have to say I have a particular loyalty to Screwfix as I’ve been a customer for so many years and my local branch are fantastic, and have been even more so through the pandemic. I’d have been a bit screwed without them at times! I’ve certainly not had the problem for anything like that time (couple of months I reckon for me) as its such a fundamental bit of functionality, you notice immediately you try to use the site. But I found using Edge worked OK (for me anyway!) very quickly, so looking into it just went on my list of things to do and has only just surfaced.
  9. @smipx agreed, the root cause is likely to be the same. Screwfix tell me their IT folks are looking into this too. Might be one of those cases where neither party is at fault as such - just doing something that is a little out the ordinary with an unexpected consequence.
  10. @smipx I’ve just done the same sort of re-sort as you describe, and I get that problem too (with the option ticked) but it’s fine for me with it unticked - have just retested to make sure it’s still behaving consistently for me and it is. So there is obviously another dimension to the fault and/or a difference between yours and my machines. What version of KIS are you running? Are you running the Kaspersky extension for Chrome? (I’m not) Bit of a puzzler……..
  11. @Flood and Flood's wife Yeah - I noticed that, and I can’t explain it. All I can say is toggling it consistently resolves/re-introduces the issue for me. I did note some odd things when testing though. For example, I did a search with the box unticked, and went onto the second page of results OK. Then I ticked it and saved it - and I was able to continue going through the subsequent search result pages when I wasn’t expecting to be able to. But when I closed and reopened my browser and repeated the search, the problem was definitely back. Anyway, whether it works for everyone or not, I agree it’s just a workaround when on the site and not a fix as the setting clearly has a purpose across several KIS modules. So we’ll see what tech support say……. Thanks.
  12. @Flood and Flood's wife @smipx Unticking this option gets rid of the problem. Tested on both Chrome and Firefox. Have fed it back on the support case too.
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