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  1. Well, far too easy your explanation. You are right in the point about the snipping tool, if Safe Browser is opened, you're unable to do screenshots with it, everything is greyed out. Kaspersky claims , it is protecting your clipboard against unrestricted programs stealing the data, but the user itself still can use the clipboard functions while using Safe Browser(within some restrictions for InternetExplorer) . "SnippingTool.exe" is microsoft build-in software and screenshots done with print key is a simple windows build-in function. Meaning KIS18 & 19 are able to protect the clipboard against unrestricted access but unable to protect the data SnippingTool.exe is currently working with? In general this temporary data is not more as "another small clipboard". I see no good reason for leaving any space for making a screenshot with readable informations while using a Safe Browser. Why this should be useful?For same reasons KIS19 is blocking SnippingTool.exe from taking pictures, it should block screenshots done by print key too.I really hope that backdoor users are not taking any profit from this behavior. Looking on same issue in win8/win10 it's getting even hotter, because in these editions combination of "windows key" + "print key" will instantly store a screenshot as .png file in user folders. By the way, I managed to install KIS19 , Safe Browser is able to show websites again, certificate issues seem to be fixed, only one error message about History-Bookmark-Systems is still present. See picture After installation I updated databases and did a restart twice, but my program version still shows that I'm on patch D. Is Patch E for KIS19 exclusive for windows10 or did I something wrong?
  2. I don't understand why a second thread would create chaos in tracking? But I can understand why you are changing this thread description to make it look , like there are 2 problems connected together. But that's absolutely not true! KIS18 versions are unable to protect stealing data out of the Safe Browser easily by using the "print" key of your keyboard. Even If you are experiencing no problems with Safe Browser! Thanks for your help, I will contact tech support and post the security issue on facebook.
  3. Thanks for the replies first.Let me tell you I'm really a experienced user working for over 15 years with all kinds of software and operating systems. Of course I'm smart enough to know, that upgrading from KIS18 to KIS19 (clean deinstallation + new install) could solve the problem I was explaining above.But if you read carefully I wanted to know if there is a way of fixing my installation without a new installation.As Fenderman said above , It is common knowledge there had been lots of problem with KIS19 after release, so there is always a reason to still use the KIS18 version if it is working properly for your system. Maybe with the newest Patch E from 8th April KIS19 is working much better and I will git it a try, because until now I still found no way to fix my KIS18 Safe Browser. I will do this later and leave a reply here. But let us please talk again about the BIGGER SEURITY ISSUE I posted above. It seems all KIS18 versions are unable to protect stealing data out of the Safe Browser easily by using the "print" key of your keyboard. People, this is easiest backdoor anyone could use. Unfortunately I was able to reproduce this Issue on my laptop, that is telling me KIS18 works properly and it is protecting me.The laptop isn't using any special 3rd party software to get the information, simple copy past by using print key and Safe Browser was in full screen mode. I will leave you a picture of this at the end of my post, and I think I should open a new thread to spread this information around! Knowing this I would advise everybody to check if this security Issue is still present in the KIS19 version.
  4. I'm experiencing really crazy behavior with the Safe Browser of KIS18. I'm using Win7 SP1 64Bit , FireFox 66.0.3 64bit . It was working well in the last weeks/months/years, but since 2 days ago I'm only getting error messages. If I enter Safe Browser for Firefox I get this : Advanced information: As you can see, red error message about Bookmark- and History-Systems that are not functionally. Upper right corner shows a information message for the kaspersky protection add-on, if I click on it : I'm asked to activate the plug-in , but doesn't matter if I click on "activate" because this setting will not be saved. Every time I enter Safe Browser I see the same as shown above. I researched the security settings for crypto modules and certificates. Crypto-modules looks damaged, because of multiple entries, I have no rights do delete the obsolete ones , picture : The Kaspersky certificate is missing, if I try to import it , I'm getting next error , telling me I have no rights to import it : The normal mode of my Firefox is working perfectly, I can open all https / SSL sites, kaspersky certificate installed, no profile issues. I Tried mozilla troubleshooting workarounds and wanted to delete files in profile folder of safe browser firefox profile, but like before I'm not aloud to rename or delete those files. Kaspersky seems to protect this folder. I can't change possession or rights for the profile-folder in C:\ProgramData\Kaspersky Lab\SafeBrowser\kis , funny because I'm the only User set for this machine and logged in as Administrator. I still haven't found a way to delete or change this files, but I can change the name of the folder above"kis" . If doing that and starting safe browser again, kaspersky will create a new kis and profile-folder with same problems and no rigths for me to delete the files. Do I really have to re-install KIS or upgrade to KIS19 to get rid of this problem? I don't care about history/settings/bookmarks from safe browser profile , but I don't want to loose all my settings set in KIS and absolutely don't want to loose my working firefox profile or any information within it. I'm having 2 more computers on the same network and operating system, all working still well with safe browser, I can use them If I really need safe browser. But in general I would like to fix this problem on my main machine. ANOTHER BIG SECURITY ISSUE : I was able to get all these screenshots just by the clicking "print" key on my keyboard and copy into paint. Safe Browser was in windowed mode. If using microsoft snipping tool, display information is greyed out and safe browser is protected, but in this case protection totally failed! I will try to reproduce this on other systems.
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