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  1. And now is offline.. in my firewalll list missing another adresses. Kaspersky portal show offline devices.. https://ksos.kaspersky.com/ another solution? If unblock all blocking rules connect normaly.. But its not acceptable.. On factory PC blocking all 80 and 443 comunication. Without KASPERSKY adresses.. Need add adresses for KSOS? Thanks
  2. Thank you. I added missing. Than I find https://support.kaspersky.com/KESWin/11.5.0/cs-CZ/202507.htm and all add. Now is working update and console correct. But I log another connections to WAN IPs and 443 port.. My policy it blocking.. Probably anoher adress missing.. but service working.. THANKS BRGDS
  3. Hello, in my factory hall PC not allowed 80 and 443 port....and other is limited...... I need adress list (DNS names) to allow in firewall to accept comunications only with kaspersky services. Thanks BRGDS
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