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  1. I am requesting the development of one app: My Kaspersky
  2. After weeks of talking: I cannot do anything to make the apps update automatically on the Google Play Store. Kaspersky is sure the issue lies within the firmware of the devices and there is nothing I can do about it. But I doubt that. 🤔 For me the apps won’t automatically update in Google Play Store because they run in the background “all the time”. 🤷
  3. Why these apps won't automatically update in Google Play Store? • Kaspersky Internet Security for Android • Kaspersky Safe Kids • Kaspersky Security Cloud • Kaspersky Secure Connection All other apps are automatically updated except these ones. Why? (I'm sure that the enable auto-update option is activated individually for every of these apps).
  4. I want to know all the possible scenarios/situations that will end my VPN session (for example, disconnecting from Wi-Fi will end my VPN session. What are the other possible scenarios/situations that will end my VPN session?)
  5. Supposing that I have a subscription for Kaspersky Secure Connection: 1. When the VPN disconnects? (list ALL situations possible for it happens) 2. How long does a VPN session last?
  6. Hello, according to Technical Support: “In that case, yes, Kaspersky will continue to work normally guaranteeing protection for the device, however it is necessary to accept these terms of use so that the app's functionalities, like, for example, the anti-theft can continue to work” “In the case of Safe Kids, it is also necessary to accept the terms of use so that the rules and restrictions carried out continue to work on the child's device” Thank you for helping, @FLOOD. See you.
  7. Hi, I can't test anymore once I've accepted it in the first time. I've contacted the Technical Support to see what they say.
  8. *The apps have been auto updated in Google Play Store/App Store.* Here we go again, *will I have to open the apps and accept this or they will keep functioning normally even if I don't do this?*
  9. Hey @FLOOD, After update, if this changes: 2. Carefully read through the End User License Agreement, the Products and Services Privacy Policy, and the Kaspersky Security Network Statement. Tap Next if you agree to the terms. Will I have to open the apps and accept this or they will keep functioning normally even if I don't do this? Thank you.
  10. This simple question applies to mobile devices: if I don't open Kaspersky Internet Security and/or Kaspersky Safe Kids applications after they are updated automatically (in Google Play Store or App Store), will they continue to function normally? Yes they will or no they won't?
  11. I’ve updated the file “Kaspersky Internet Security (KIS) for Android Notifications.pdf”. 😁
  12. Ok. If something is wrong (do not automatically perform scheduling of database update and device scan), the notification below should appear (only when the app thinks it is necessary to perform such actions). Now I understand why the app does not send push notifications after running the schedules. Either way, I think would be great to have control over those notifications. 😉
  13. Hi @FLOOD I'm doing the test to see, I disabled the database update and the system scanning. I am waiting to see these push notifications. If they do happen, I can understand why the application does not show “persistent” notifications after the database has been updated or the system scan has been performed.
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