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  1. Roger that... Thanks for info.... Jones out! ?
  2. Off topic... I provide support for Firefox @ https://support.mozilla.org and I have to say that I love the image upload process on this forum. SOOOOOOOO much better!!! It could not be simpler for the users to just drag and drop! ;-))
  3. Trying to go to this link to pay mortgage, but KF is blocking access. see screenshot https://discoverhomeloans.mtgsvc.com If I click continue and confirm, I get the 2nd screenshot that goes to touch kaspersky. ;-)) I have to turn KF off and then I can make a payment.
  4. Yes, the “ Inject script into web traffic to interact with web pages “ is the issue. Unchecked both and then put them back one at a time and restarted Firefox for both and the inject scripts is the issue. Also, that prompt confirming the settings change is annoying.
  5. I just upgraded from Kaspersky Free to the Cloud version because of sign in issues on YouTube. The Cloud version is slowing down text input into the browsers and not apps like notepad or word. Even backspacing to delete text is lagging. I closed the Cloud app and all is well. This is the same issue as the below post. I reinstalled the app, but still have the same issue in both browsers. What’s funny is that I’m not seeing the lag issue on this site while typing this post. ;-)) Why is that??? This is the issue I had with Kaspersky Free which is why I upgraded. Link
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