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  1. When I am browsing through the websites, sometimes I happen to visit a website that kaspersky will block the malicious downloads for me. That is one of the many reasons why I love Kaspersky Internet Security and I have used this software for many years, all but except one major problem. Let's say that now I want to know how to setup my Kaspersky Internet Security, "how to" block a website permanently, which gave me the malicious downloads. Can you please try and do it for me instead, google it in the website and type: "How to block a website on Kaspersky Internet Security", can you find anything that could help someone to understand, or successfully find it? No, you can't. I am using Kaspersky Internet Security version From the links I tried to search upon, one mentioned about Parental Control. I am not quite certain if to block a website requires a Parental Control or not, so I think of giving it a try, except that my kaspersky interface has no Parental Control. So I try to google it "How to setup for Parental Control Kaspersky" and the website asked me to "click on my Parental Control tab" and enable it. But excuse me, my interface has no Parental Control at all. How am I suppose to "click on it"? Is that website severely outdated or...? I am not sure that every problems I need to find it via forum here which may result me a couple of days or week to find the answer. Can't you guys just manage something on the website, that make us users easier to find the questions of "how to" much more easier? I mean you can try it yourself. For any basic questions, google the "how to" you basically can't find any links that have a direct clear answers for it. It is very, very difficult to manage Kaspersky if there aren't many helpful website out there. How to block a website is a very, very basic question. I really have no other options but to bother you guys in the forum after TWO HOURS of searching on google, and I am sorry for it. Can anyone help me on this?
  2. Well, I am actually having problems with the gameguard. It looks like a common problem many gamer is having at the moment, if you just type anything such as “kaspersky gameguard” in the Google search, a lot of links appear, but the problem is, none of the link can link to the forum.kaspersky. Every links, re-direct me to the kaspersky fun club, that even once made me suspect whether this funclub page is fake or my pc was been hacked or something. It is kind of annoying because usually when users are trying to find something in the forum of an antivirus company, they usually are having difficulty or problems that needs to be attended and thus finding solution in the forum. We are not there to join any fun club. It is like when your car broke down on the street, and the service in charge, keep promotes you about the new products like a salesman. I appreciate the introduction of the new products, but obviously the timing isn’t feel right to do so. We are trying to find solutions to our problems.
  3. I can’t access to the forum.kaspersky.com, whatever links I found on the Google, it leads me to one “messenger-like” website, which functions there are more like to make friends and chat? But I am not there to chat. I am there to find a solution to my problem, I am there to read the posts from the forum. I thought I was been hacked but then I noticed a link from the formal kaspersky website that introduce people to the kaspersky funclub page. Why I can’t browse any forum post of kaspersky? Why the page always direct me to this kaspersky funclub that literally has nothing in it?
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