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  1. None of these options work. I've tried them all several times and I was aware of how to use them already. I also tried boot programs via USB and Disk but the drive and other functions won't start. The computer just cycles on and off constantly not opening any sort of screen to be able to make changes. I thought the Kaspersky was there to stop these attacks but it obviously didn't work this time. Even when the system was working I ran the kaspersky scan and the blue screen just came once it got near trying to get rid of it. Now its locked me out of everything seemingly blocking all ports and start options.
  2. I can't even get the screen to appear. The computer won't fire up for me to get a screen to work on. I can't get it to open to safe mode at all. The system just flicks on and off all time.
  3. Yes its ransomware. Can't get my computer to start and keep going anymore. It goes into an ongoing sequence of trying to restart only. The ransomware seems to block off all ports as you try to use an other way to restart it. Tried a boot disk and USB ports and can't reboot start it that way. Tried using Kaspersky but soon as it gets near getting rid of it the blue screen comes up and shuts the computer down and I can't access any other windows. Can't get a screen up and working in safe mode either.
  4. Hi to anyone that can help me. I have kaspersky anti virus and I'm currently trying to get rid of a blue page malicious threat that keeps my computer from working. The creators want people to go to their site to buy an unlock code. Every time I try and delete the microsoft latest update, or use any virus or other removal tool the blue page just comes back up before removal can take place. Any solutions?
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