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  1. Sorry, let me clarify. first, I should have said “ Why would it be a bad idea to remove a pop up that tells us something we DO already know?” in other words, we do not need a pop telling us key log protection is being used every time. Don’t tell us via pop up, just do it. We should already know this is a feature of Kapersky or at least it would come as no surprise since it is security software. I am saying I appreciate key log protection. I am saying there is no need for a pop up to go along with it. Second, i am still trying to figure out if you agree with me or not. Are you saying the keylog protection itself is a good idea but the pop up is rubbish or are you saying something else?
  2. Why would it be a bad idea to remove a pop up that tells us something we do not already know? You are saying it is not possible protect data from keyloggers without having pop up? I don’t get it.
  3. Every time I go to log into a web site that has a username/password I get a pop up from Kapersky that says “Kapersky...Security keyboard input is enabled”...is there anyway to disable that? I do not want pop up. https://imgur.com/a/7mDd0NJ
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