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  1. Hi I ran it and it found and quarantined one object, attached is the report. Thanks!
  2. Meanwhile, to answer your points, FLOOD, May I have an image of the page that displays please? I just get a message that says that the download hasn't been permitted, so I dont see a page. Did you follow the information @Berny provided? See above... Are the alerts continous, irrespective of what site you are on? Yes, doesnt make a difference where I am. Do the alerts happen irrespective of the browser used? Only Chrome. To turn off popups unselect Notify about events Where? To turn off sound, unselect Audio notifications Where? (sorry for stupid questions :))
  3. Hi, thanks for all the advice and sorry for the time lag, didnt have a minute...first question, and I feel stupid asking this: where do I find the settings to do this: "Kaspersky Settings > Additional > Threats and exclusions > Detection types > enable Detect Other Software. and do a databases update > reboot, then do a scan. " ...in the desktop app? There I have a settings (the wheel) option but I don't find anything to do with the above...mine looks like this (its in German, I realise). "Weitere Funktionen" would be additional, but when I go there I dont get the threats and exclusions, or detection types, or anything similar....? ...and the second screenshot I'm attaching is what it looks like when I click through to the additional settings (weitere funktionen). Thanks in advance for your help! This thing is driving me crazy!
  4. HI, thanks Flood, here's the report - and another one I found which detailed it while I was looking.
  5. Hi, thanks a million, it seems to have worked - no more spam attacks! Have a great weekend, Noel
  6. For two days now a spam site, plankjock.com, is attempting to force a download on my computer, every 3-4 seconds - blocked every time by kaspersky, but it's extremely annoying (especially with the bing-bong every 3-4 seconds notification bell). Any ideas how I can a. get kaspersky to stop the continuous attempts /block the site b. turn off the notification sound and/or c. talk directly to kaspersky support wihtout writing emails/sending contact forms. Thanks in advance! iB
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