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  1. Sorry, @Hope kronos , I do not know. I am just trying to do what I can, with what I have, where I am. Apart from the solution above, and the paraphrasing of the great Roosevelt, I could have offered another working American concept - "foot voting", but it looks like you might have already switched to a different product. Yet, if you are interested in my solution, feel free to DM. I didnt switch I am waiting patiently like a statue for a true dark mode for kaspersky.
  2. Omg why so much pain. Will it be so hard and shameful if they just added the option dark mode before the custom theme. Like the customer needs to do many things. And its hard.
  3. By the way why make things so complicated for the user. It would be wise if there was an option to chose between dark and light mode. Just like the other softwares in the market like bitdefender or windows customs dark theme which syncs with toher software like chrome and edge and also bit. so it would be good if kaspersky detect windows theme and give the option.
  4. My one looks like this and the one shown in the website looks like this given below: Even after that I tried with the new one the functions are a lot different. At a point i became clueless like it was so different and even after i tried nothing did happen. I even edited the code in skins but nothing really matters.
  5. Not available and thus i am here heart broken. All alone in a light universe. I tried it also it doesnt work. I downloaded the russian version then changed the language to english then tried everything. But it doesnt work i cant make it in dark mode. It used to work with the previous version of the kaspersky internet security. I saw it many people could do it in their previous version but it really doesnt work in the current one. I spent whole one day but the results werent satisfying i ended up in depression after i couldnt do it. 😭
  6. Its been a long time. Like literally i have nothing to say i am speechless. Dont they give a damn about their customer. Are their services this bad. How do they expect so much patience from us when the task is simple. Just how long does it take to write 000000 as their code or any hex something whatever code kaspersky is written in. Just type if the users presses that dark mode ;else light. Like there might be atleast 100 programmers in kaspersky how long does it even take. Like will they introduce it when linux takes over and windows 10 rein of throne will be finally over. Comeon man it isnt even tahat hard like why did mac users get it then. Why justice to mac users and injustice to windows like is this how kaspersky justify people. Comeon man our eyes hurt should this be a great concern to kaspersky. Make it simple atleast bitdefender didnt leave their windows customer behind they listened. I am sorry but this image was taken from one of my friends laptop who was bullying me thanks to kaspersky 😢 . I know its a bit of odd reason to get sad for this but my friend is telling all about dark mode everytime i chat with him which makes me sad as i the one who loves dark mode so much cant take full experience thanks to kaspersky. Sorry if it hurt somebody.
  7. I am not in Russia. And the option isnt available globally. Even though for macos its available. And if i am right its not available in any other global countries near India or Singapore or Malaysia or Japan,etc . Not so sure about America though. I know its in russian regions but dont know why so much time is needed like macos users are getting full experience and also other anti virus users are also getting dark mode globally for example bitdefender and avira. I am a fan of kaspersky but the lack of dark mode really hurts my eyes. And its not like kaspersky dont have dark mode they have it but only in macos(globally). Even the option for Customer design theme is not available for us globally. Thanks.
  8. Not available and thus i am here heart broken. All alone in a light universe.
  9. Wow my eyes right now are hurting. Actually my whole windows 10 is dark mode so when ever i open my eyes it hurts. If kaspersky can make for macos then why not windows. In macos it looks good and not like it is in beta for macs it is fully functional. So why this delay to windows os. I would really love kaspersky to add dark mode because other antivirus really did. for example: Bitdefender, Avira,etc.
  10. It would be really helpful if an extension was made for opera aslo as there are also many opera browser users like me.Thank You.
  11. yes it will be very nice if dark mode is included as well as the white mode and we have the option to change it. it feels very bad when the kaspersky app which is white just pops up in the dark background its very bad for the eyes sometimes and there are also people who has eye problems so they need the most. It will be very helpful if the dark mode was included. Thanks in advance whoever saw and read my comment :) .
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