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  1. Hi settings are the same as you've posted, I was referring to the screen shot in the original post. I have had some successful downloads of .zip files, but it's not consistent. Does not matter where download location is set to as the error attached to original post comes up before even selecting where to save the file. Have tested internet connectivity with no drops/timeouts etc. Will reboot modem and router and try some more.
  2. Thank you - i was looking right at it ?‍♂️. I do not see anything in the reports for the file although it never existed except the temp file in the attached screen shot.
  3. @Wesly.Zhang could you please tell me where in 'Kaspersky Total Security' I can pull that report? I've been looking for a bit and can't find it.
  4. I tested further and found i cant download .zips from any of three browsers (firefox, chrome, edge) or from various web hosts (wetransfer, dropbox, google drive). I tried all of these on a different computer that doesn't use Kaspersky on the same network (wireless home network) and all options work on that device.
  5. Hello, I started experiencing this issue several days ago when downloading new adobe software in .zip format and spent several hours with their support team. In the end we had to disable Kaspersky to download the file. Now I am continuing to experience errors when downloading .zip files using firefox and chrome. The error i receive states, "C:\path\filename.zip could not be saved, because the source file could not be read.". I tried pausing Kaspersky but still cannot download .zip files.
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