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  1. @Igor Kurzin @Flood and Flood's wife Thank you for all the help! I believe my issue is now solved. Thanks again!
  2. @Igor Kurzin I did a scan and it took about 45min-1hr to move on from 1%, the whole scan took about three hours with a few stops. So it does work, it just takes a super long time probably due to issues with my disk and the age of my laptop.
  3. @Flood and Flood's wife I un-installed Avast which I installed to check if there was a virus affecting Kaspersky Security Cloud (none were found) but the full scan now scans files is still stuck at 1%. When I clicked the KSC icon from the “Hidden Icons” tab it showed (b) but I am unsure if that is the version number or patch(x).
  4. It’s the free variation as I am on a rather tight budget. The Version is 1511 (OS Build 10586.1176), I haven't been able to update it since this laptop is rather old (4-3 years old) and has fell several times and will hopefully be replaced soon. @Flood and Flood's wife
  5. I recently installed Kaspersky Security Cloud and both the Quick and Full scan options do not progress beyond 1% when selected. When I tried a Selective Scan, it scanned files but it still remained at 1%. I have un-installed and re-installed multiple times and restarted my laptop twice but with the same results. Do I have a really bad virus is my laptop out of date? Do I have some corrupted files (which is most likely since a handful prevented me from resetting my computer)? Any answers or advice is welcome.
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