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  1. P.S. I guess I should use Chrome when buying stuff on the phone, though, shouldn't I? I use Firefox on my desktop almost exclusively, and Kaspersky opens a secure window when I try to go to say a bank's website, presumably because I have the Kaspersky Firefox add-on or extension, whichever it's called. (It doesn't for Amazon though, for some reason.) P.P.S. I had to learn how to get the link to the Dropbox folder. You are educating me!
  2. Hi Flood+! 1. I would never click a link in a text if I wasn't expecting the text and knew the source, so I should be okay on that. Thanks for finding out about Textra. 2. Re the Chrome browser, you've already done so much, I don't want you spending more time on me! I will still use Chrome only for politics, and Google is welcome to know which party I belong to... 🙂 I know that using the DuckDuckGo browser is less secure, but it is what is is. 3. Here's a link to the screenshots on Dropbox: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/vv4l0njf7gfluwi/AAAfwD8mhjOeY-BCMMzodf9ra?dl=0 As you see, I noticed "Special access"->"Unrestricted data access" after "App permissions" under Settings->General->Apps & notifications, and thought it might be relevant, so I included screenshots of that as well. Pandora was the only extraneous app with" Unrestricted data access" turned on, the others are all apps that were built into the phone. (I think you call these "native" apps?) I turned that off for Pandora, but I'm still getting the warning to turn off accessibility for unknown apps. 4. Thanks for this. I didn't realize the Super Backup app had a setting for cloud backup. It doesn't give the option to back up to Dropbox, so I chose Google Drive, which I hardly use, but will be useful for this. Thanks again for all your help. Nancy
  3. Hi Flood+ 3. I've made Chrome my default browser. I hope this doesn't become too annoying. I don't like Google knowing everything I do, so I currently use Chrome only for Twitter and news. I keep Firefox for business, and do most of my personal searching in DuckDuckGo. Addendum: Thanks for finding out about Textra. When I was using the built-in message app I kept getting added to multi-person "conversations" I knew nothing about. Textra has stopped that, and allows me to block spam numbers. 4. I have installed the Super backup app, but I'm not sure what I'd use it for. It backs up to the phone's internal storage, right? So if I were to have to do a total phone reset, or transfer the SIM card to another phone, that backup would be lost/would not be transferred. I just used the app to back up my contacts, then shared the resulting file with Dropbox; but I don't know how I'd use that Dropbox file to restore the contacts if I had to do a phone reset/transfer. 5. How do I know if accessibility has been turned on for an app? I have been through the list of apps in Settings, and none of them even lists "accessibility" as a permission to be turned on or off. I've also looked under Settings ->General->Apps & Notifications->App permissions, and "accessibility" is not in the list of permissions. Thanks for all your help! Nancy
  4. Hi Flood+, Here we are again! 🙂 I have emailed my landlord & hope to hear back before long. It's very good of you to pursue the accessibility permission issue. You are really going above and beyond! Re root/Admin access, I have heard of that but I am not expert enough to mess with that stuff, so unless one of the techs at the AT&T store (where I go when things really go wrong, lol) did that, which seems unlikely, no. Textra is the default SMS app. I'm confused, does that mean "SMS Safe" will work, or not? I performed a Google Backup in Settings. Does that back up everything? I always seem to lose my phone contacts on phone reset or transfer. (Google only seems to keep gmail contacts, not phone contacts.) Thanks again for all your help. Nancy
  5. Hi Flood+, 1. I have not answered "Trust This Network" because I don't want Kaspersky to trust it if it's not trustworthy. If I choose that answer just to see what happens, can I "un-choose" it afterwards? If I'm going to have to deal with the IT guy I want the problem to be evident, which it will not be if I tell Kaspersky to trust the network. 2. I guess I will have to do that. Sigh. 🙂 3. Typing "unknown" in the Settings search bar just brings up the "Install unknown apps" permission. I have looked through my list of apps and their permissions, and none of them even lists accessibility as a permission to be turned on or off. The Accessibility section in Settings just allows me to adjust the accessibility features; there's nothing about giving apps permissions there. The Android version is 8.1.0. 4. I have the Wi-Fi password, and don't have Bluetooth or VPN on the phone. If I reset the network settings, will I have to set up my cellular connection again? I don't remember having to do that originally, when I got the phone, and I don't have any authentication data for that. Wouldn't that be in the SIM card, and wouldn't be affected by a network reset? I have very few added apps on the phone, and they're almost all big-name stuff like Lyft. The only one I never heard of before I installed it is a messaging app called Textra, but again, the permissions listed in the App info don't include accessibility. Thanks for all your help, I really appreciate your time. Nancy
  6. Hi again Flood+, 1. Yes, this is the (supposedly secure) network for my office suite. It is just for my one-person business alone. The building houses a number of small businesses in different suites, and each business pays the landlord for an individual secured internet connection with a distinct password. They are all on the same router though, I think. If I can't get this resolved I will check with the landlord who is in contact with the IT person (an outside contractor). 2. Kaspersky is giving me three issues at the moment: "Turn off accessibility for unknown apps" (can't figure out how to do that); "Safe browsing does not support the default browser" (I use DuckDuckGo and am okay with that); and of course "You connected to an unsecured Wi-Fi network." By the way, I noticed that my phone Kaspersky is not giving me the "unsecured" warning when it connects to my home wi-fi, just with the office wi-fi. And the warning about the office wi-fi just happened a couple of days ago, though I've had the connection for several months. Also, I notice there's a "Network settings reset" option on my phone. Should I try that? Thanks again. Nancy
  7. P.S. The VPN icon is showing on the screenshot because I enabled it temporarily before performing the update. (I bought the sw overseas but am back in U.S. now, and it won't let me re-install unless I have a VPN running. Didn't know if that applied to updates as well so I turned the VPN on.)
  8. Hi Flood+ and Berny, Berny, thanks for the link. Flood+, Thanks again. Answers to 1, 2 & 3: 1. Did this. Warning still appearing. 2. Wi-Fi security check is enabled. 3. See:
  9. Hi Flood et al, Thanks for your reply! The version is The VPN is not activated. Nancy
  10. I just went to my office where I have a password-secured internet connection. On my desktop Kaspersky is saying the connection is secured, but on my phone it's giving me the warning that the (same) connection is unsecured. Both phone and desktop connect automatically. I have never gotten the unsecured message before. TIA for any help.
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