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  1. Thank you Igor for getting somebody @ support to address this issue. I appreciate it. Still hearing it's a hardware issue which after seeing another super creepy incident done on the computer the day after this business started happening, I'm still not believing it is. However if it is indeed that, I believe my $ would be better spent getting rid of Microsoft at this point then in diagnosing or repairing current system. (Actually even if repaired free at this point...I want it/them gone. ) My thanks to all who tried to help.
  2. Should have been a "Didn't work." in between those 2 sentences. Sorry for the confusion.
  3. Per Kaspersky Support was going to give the Rescue Disk a whirl. Tried to copy it to CD then went to run it. (Not Kaspersky's fault.) Anyways figured I would give the computer another try while it was turned on and darned if didn't get through all the initial protocol for the new operating system! Not trusting my good fortune I immediately put in Kaspersky in the search bar to download internet security so I'd be prepared. Guess what happened next? You bet! Screen goes to black. Will copy Rescue Disk to thumb drive and try again.
  4. The incident # is ID INC000014211856.
  5. No Flood and Flood's Wife, it's still helpful to learn about those reports in the long run so I'm glad that happened, thank you. Spent some time reviewing the ones for this laptop. Have had no response from Microsoft. Probably need to follow up. Yes Igor, the screen goes black when I'm in the middle of a task so I can't see to complete it. Can't help feeling like I'm being trolled. So yes, the computer starts out fine. I then only see a black screen. Can't tell you why. Monitor on/off button is still on as is internet light.
  6. Awesome Flood and Flood's Wife! Thought KIS was cloud only. Will try. Currently I can't get to safe-mode on it. Black Screen steps in before I can complete the process. (As with Microsoft start up protocol.) I might agree with you Igor if my Kaspersky and VPN icons hadn't been "messed with" as I first mentioned. Both were gone and just a useless file looking thingy were left in their place. Does that still strike you as a hardware issue? Thank you both.
  7. Have tried Safe Mode. Beasty showed up in the middle of "Advanced Options". My subscription doesn't cover KIS Reports so didn't look there. Went ahead and filed reports with both Kaspersky and Microsoft Support though. Will let you know what if anything I find out. Appreciate the help.
  8. Thank you Flood & Flood's Wife and Igor for avenues to look at/try. Will give these things a whirl and let you know how they went.
  9. NO! Absolutely do not suspect they are the cause of the issue. Don't blame Russians for everything under the sun. I know better. Looking for some insight from the computer savy, like the people here. Can't make an educated guess on this myself as to what is going on or how to resolve it is all. Thanks.
  10. Screen monitor started going black. Kept shutting desktop down and restarting. Screen would be fine but as soon as I attempted to do anything the screen would go black. Could see that Kaspersky Internet Security and separate VPN had been messed with. Figured maybe Microsoft. It seems like it's always updating and trying to disconnect them. Nuked everything back to factory settings and it's still happening. Can't operate new Windows 10 install. Can't get through the protocols with the new operating system without screen going black. Is this a security issue or something else? Thank you.
  11. Been over a week and the uninstall/reinstall seems to have worked as it hasn't happened again. Yay! Thank you. All good till the next Windows 10 update I guess...:wink:
  12. Thank you both Richbuff & KarDip for the kind welcome. Saw the problem described perfectly here but no fixes mentioned: https://forum.kaspersky.com/index.php?/topic/311204-how-to-resolve-windows-firewall-and-kis-are-both-turned-off/&_ga=2.11953332.1822167397.1553194232-2076175809.1553194232 Will try the uninstall/reinstall. If that doesn't work I will get a screenshot and try to give you particulars. Appreciate the help.
  13. This just happened for the second time. What is going on? What do I need to do or not do to fix this? In easily understandable terms please as I'm not too computer knowledgeable. Thanks. Apologies for the typo in the heading...Kaspersky.
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