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  1. Do we have any news, do you know if the dark mode will be added in the Kaspersky products in the upcoming version 21 MR4? I hope it will happen, because dark mode is not just a feature but a necessity.
  2. Hello Kaspersky Community, Thank you very much @Anton Mefodys and @Igor Kurzin for posting to this thread. But you know, Igor, that what you're suggesting isn't a solution. The "Custom Design Theme" isn't a solution. The solution is one and only, Kaspersky must add dark mode in every Kaspersky product. I don't understand why Kaspersky hasn't implemented dark mode to their products yet, even when many users are requesting it here in the Community, and I believe that you might have many requests and suggestions about the dark mode at your Support as well. At last, Kaspersky really has to do something and add dark mode in every Kaspersky product. These days, dark mode is everywhere (Windows, apps, sites, everywhere). Why can't Kaspersky understand that? Every one is asking for the dark mode's addition for their own personal purposes. Many people, like me, have a problem with our eyes and this white colour makes our lives difficult and it's very inconvenient as well. How shall I put this, white colour/light mode is really uncomfortable and hurts our eyes. Kaspersky is a big company and they should listen, understand and respect their costumers and their needs. So, I believe that Kaspersky will implement dark mode to their products and that must happen as soon as possible. Thank you in advance and sorry for any inconvenience.
  3. Hello everyone, I believe that every Kaspersky home product (Antivirus, Internet Security, Total Security, Secure Connection and Password Manager) must have dark mode. In fact, every Kaspersky product, home and business, must have dark mode. At least that’s my personal opinion, I might be mistaken? We are in the end of 2020 and “dark mode” is everywhere, I don’t see why Kaspersky hasn’t implemented this yet. I think that the dark mode should be included in the next version of Kaspersky, even in 2021 MR3, at least for the home products that I mentioned above. Thank you in advance.
  4. You rock! It seems to work for now. Thanks a lot Friend!
  5. I believe I have the exact same problem. First of all I use Kaspersky Internet Security on version: and my OS is Windows 10 Pro 64bit on version 1809. The update reaches 100% but it shows me that it failed. When I press "Failed" and open the "Detailed Reports" window it says: "Update databases and application modules" and below that "Not all components were updated", when I press "Details" I see the error: "Error updating component" and below that the word "KLAVA". The same happens to all the failed updates. Why do I have this problem? Is this a bug from Kaspersky? Thank you in advance.
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