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  1. Sorry - I was working... Network is public see picture Routers are asus zenwifi running latest Merlin Gnuton. Wifi adapters on windows 10 are wifi 6 too WPS is disable in the routers (set in ap mode on 2.4/5ghz aimesh) I just updated my son to the latest Kaspersky Standard version. I just got this again, but on my son's pc 10 min after the upgrade. See picture
  2. I use KIS on a windows 10 PC and connect using WPA3 to a WPA3 router. KIS keeps telling me that my connection is insecure and that I should use its VPN. I thought at 1st that it was because I was using another VPN (Proton) via the windows client, so I removed it. I still get the "your wifi is insecure" "please use our vpn" message. Any clue? This is annoying. Does Kaspersky detect Rogue AP? Could the message be indicating that someone nearby has created a false AP and that I am really at risk or is this a bug?
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