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  1. Patch C still hasn't been released, I will not be renewing when my subscription ends.
  2. Forgot to mention this earlier but is anyone else having issues with Kaspersky causing certain apps to not access the internet? Sometimes the app store, microsoft office google chrome and a few other applications are unusable as they cannot connect to the internet. Fore quitting kaspersky solves this.
  3. I have raised a support request with technical support and received the following answer, I suggest everyone else does the same so that Kaspersky have enough info to fully fix this issue. “Thank you for contacting us. I am sorry to hear that you have been facing such an issue with Internet Security and your Mac. Indeed there is such an issue when Mac goes to sleep which will be addressed with patch "C" of the 2020 version of our product as well as with version 2021. Till then, not using sleep mode is advised.” I’ve also been asked to enable tracing and reproduce the issue so that I can send them logs, will be doing this later on today.
  4. eagerly waiting for this to be resolved too. Happens to me almost every day and gets so frustrating
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