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  1. Hello, The screen reader does not read the information of the buttons and check boxes of the antivirus application. More specifically, none of the user interface data is read correctly by the screen reader. Do you do accessibility testing in software development? can you provide an accessible user interface for the antivirus application that can be used with a screen reader. Screen reader not speak application interface objects. I think you can make My Kaspersky portal antivirus management accessibility. If impossible app interface. Blind computer users accessible means all application interface functions are speak screen readers. If security reason that, impossible do you can build in speak synthetics application. You can read accessibility testing here: https:// www . freedomscientific . com/products/accessibility-testing/
  2. I switch off av and you can look picture actual webpage correct domain name. Kaspersky block this domain. Ro
  3. Hello, I swtich off av and epudor.com webpage work normal. I tell their customer service their domain blocklist. Epudor make alternative apps elcomosoft pdf tools. Epudor is china company. Epudor.com is online but kaspersky blocked it. Waiting kaspersky staff information is security hole or not.
  4. Hello, I have visiting www.epudor.com web page. Kaspersky plus app says heur trojan. Please check are really hamiful site. I think failse positive.
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