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  1. Thank you all for responding with your advice. All taken on board & methinks I'll pass, on clicking on the VPN. But other than that query, I'm very pleased with the general security Kaspersky provides.
  2. I have Kaspersky Premium & was about to ask a question regarding VPN, as when I go to the "security page" it tells me that the VPN is off & I was about to ask should I switch it on & is that facility included in the Premium cost. But having read the problems with VPN on this forum, methinks I'll pass & stay as I am. But if any comments are forthcoming, advice etc, I'd be grateful. While I'm on the forum, please also explain, what are tags? Regards, BEEJAY
  3. My expiry date is in May 2021. But with the amount of problems I've had over the past year with Kaspersky, I need to know asap what the renewal cost will be. I have sent various emails requesting an answer, but they are returned as "undeliverable" Microsoft actually tried 36 times to deliver, but finally sent it back to me. I would like to stay with Kaspersky, been with them a number of years, but with the problems I've had & I find it a nightmare negotiating their site, I quickly need an answer. Thank you, any help is appreciated. B Jarvis
  4. Thank you once again for your help. The next time the pop-up er! pops up, I’ll “enable” & take it from there. Regards, BEEJAY
  5. Hi all, I’ve tried contacting Kaspersky with this question, but the email address I was given didn’t work? So my question is. I often get this message flashed up on screen, “Don’t want to leave traces behind on the internet” But is this a chargeable “extra” Thanks in anticipation. BeeJay
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