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  1. Hi @Berny I did what you asked and ran the Avira Registry Cleaner, after it completed I restarted my computer and Kaspersky didn’t complain about Avira anymore. I’ve attached a log of the registry keys it cleaned. It appears the registry key causing the issue was “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\Avira\SoftwareUpdater” → [deleted] Thanks.
  2. I’m encountering this issue too, I’ve uninstalled Avira completely on 2 seperate systems and every time I try to install Kaspersky, it claims Avira is still installed. I just ignore the message, I’m pretty sure its a bug on Kaspersky’s side. Falsely detecting the presence of Avira where there is none.
  3. steamwebhelper.exe is part of Steam Overlay. If you’re on a game integrated with steam overlay (such as Team Fortress 2, CS:GO, etc) and you’re playing on unofficial community servers there is a small chance that the community server may attempt to abuse HTML MOTD’s to load malicious web content in the background. To prevent this from happening in the future, most games like the ones I mentioned above have an option to disable HTML MOTD’s in their settings. I wouldn’t be too worried though, Kaspersky successfully blocked the script, and steamwebhelper is heavily sandboxed for this exact reason, to mitigate damage from malicious scripts like the one you encountered.
  4. And I’d like to clarify that I’m well aware I can disable “Perform recommended actions automatically” but frankly the automatic action performed in a scenario like this should be to quarantine the file in question. It’s no secret that System Watchers screenlocker component is super susceptible to false positives, which is fine because it only activates after the given key combo, but it really should be quarantining things by default, not just deleting them, and I hope you’ll consider changing this in a future update.
  5. I’m not sure if this is a bug or if it is intended behavior, but when Kaspersky System Watcher detects something, specifically if it detects something after the CNTRL + SHIFT + ALT + F4 key combination (which is known to be prone to false positives) Kaspersky straight up deletes the assumed screenlocker and doesn't quarantine it for restoration. Especially annoying considering that System Watchers anti-screenlocker component seems to hate anything installed via the microsoft store, including Cortana, Movies & TV, and other important default windows processes. Even after a reinstall of Movies & TV, Video.UI.exe is still missing and Movies & TV is crashing, I will be attempting to restore from a restore point later to see if that fixes it.Cortana was fixed after using ‘Repair’ in the applications menu.If this is intended behavior, it’s pretty strange that you would intentionally allow a behavior-based component of Kaspersky to freely delete whatever it deems malicious without first creating a backup copy and moving it into the quarantine so people can restore it.
  6. Recently I’ve noticed this annoying pop-up from Kaspersky Security Cloud Free: Theres no way to exit, you have to click one of the buttons and go through a process to exit it. This is not at all user friendly, I’d argue this advertising tactic is even worse than recieving multiple popups from Avast a week, which is the sole reason I left Avast. But yikes, popups with no exit button?
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