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  1. How does the on-screen keyboard works?
  2. Is KSC free compatible with CCleaner and Defraggler?
  3. I just wanna know if this is safe or not
  4. I heard that Malwarebytes, KSC and AdwCleaner are compatible. Is this true? Also, do I need to use others Malwarebytes products?
  5. @FLOOD Correction: the selective scan wich had the one ignored object was on OneDrive, not on Dropbox
  6. @FLOOD 1) Yes, Dropbox, OneDrive has only empty folders, I runned the selective scan on Dropbox, and 1 cloud object was ignored, was an Avast HTML Document, so I deleted it. 2)Browser, sometimes Discord, sometimes Zoom, sometimes Whatsapp Desktop, sometimes TupiTube Desk, sometimes Pencil2D. But yesterday I runned the full scan without me using my computer, only the scan working, and the ignored objects were still there.
  7. @richbuff I did according with https://community.kaspersky.com/kaspersky-internet-security-13/cloud-item-ignored-in-scan-5748
  8. @Berny @richbuff @Igor Kurzin I’ll try to do according with this link; https://community.kaspersky.com/kaspersky-internet-security-13/cloud-item-ignored-in-scan-5748
  9. @Berny I also put the Kaspersky extension on Firefox and downloaded Kaspersky Password Manager, because the 2 recomandations on the notification center were ignored (but I runned a full scan and the ignored objects still there)
  10. @Berny Maybe these 2 objects are ignored because I configured according with this website: https://www.baboo.com.br/artigos/kaspersky-security-cloud-free-2020/
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