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  1. so it will all run fine? viruses will be detected? Because its my first time that i set up kaspersky on 64 bit OS... i used xp 64 bit and it was a disaster! but vista x64 runs fine! even faster and more compatible than 32 bit vista! Since i bought kaspersky like 3 months ago i still have 217days and it would be a waste not to use it! Thanks for the info! just tell me if all will run fine in virus detection ect.
  2. Hello i installed vista x64 bit version now im not sure if kaspersky will run proprely! i mean it runs but its installed in (x86) and it will be emulated by vista! Is that ok? Thanks for you time!
  3. Well my kaspersky is running but showing its turned off! why is that? how can i fix it? it happened before i exited it and turned on again! and it worked but dont wana continue doing this! help...
  4. ok it took me some time but i manualy removed all those stuff now its green in the phaser ... finaly got rid of norton lol! thanks for support guys!
  5. its norton internet security from gigabyte motherboard cd i got! i belive its 2007! i really dont understand why its still there after i removed it! what should i try?
  6. ye i ran the norton tool removal! and still problems! can i backup my key for kaspersky somehow? cause i dont have it anymore after it accepted it i deleted it!... (bad idea) http://gsi.kaspersky.fr/lire.php?hl=en&amp...ab=&search=
  7. o crap... seems its not working fine.... still got some left overs.... how do i get rid of this NORTON VIRUSSSSSSSS?????????????
  8. oo thanks guys i removed all that norton crap and defender also works perfect now thank you !! ur the best!
  9. http://gsi.kaspersky.fr/lire.php?hl=en&amp...ab=&search= you mean this? i dont know if im doing this right! jesus what a pain in the *...* ... remind me never to use norton again!
  10. ok i done what you said i got a large text file i uploaded it here: http://rapidshare.com/files/57736941/sysinfo.txt.html what do i do now i went a bit on those sites and it shows me something code orange 19 incompatible stuff found and its all from symantec norton.... jesus i new norton was shit but i thought they made some progerss... there is still norton in registry!!! what do i do now? please look at my report!
  11. Ok so i bought 1 year license of kav and now i cant turn on my pc because of it! wow money well spent... i need to restart my pc 20 times to sucefully turn on! my pc is new windows are fresh and installed corectly! i got 117gb free space! Pc config: 8800gtx nvidia hdd seagate 200gb 2gb ram windows xp home when i want to start my pc it gets to boot of xp loading than it enteres windows and stays no icon in down right icon bar.... than i need to reset my pc like 5 or 6 times and than it works!... wtf....... This av has some very big bugs.... im using 7.0 version...
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