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Windows security issue after KIS installation

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Hello there,

With Windows 11 PC, I uninstalled the pre-loaded AVG-free using "AVG clear" app.
Then installed the latest KIS - app version

Kapasersky is all good, but at PC start-up, get a yellow Windows Security icon with:
"Windows security - Actions recommended" which I click but can't access - does nothing.
Icon seems to disappear before I go to "Privacy and security" option - click Windows security and the window either freezes or doesn't display correctly.

Have tried various things to repair/reset the Windows security app with no success.
As far as I can see, don't have any 3rd party conflicts (in the big KIS installation list) but guess i's possible I could be mistaken as I wonder if there's any conflict.

I do also  wonder if perhaps I may have run AVG clear incorrectly using the wrong parameters so that traces may be left.

Please help ?

Many thanks in advance.  

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Please make you sure that defender is turned off in Windows security. 

After that if you turn off real protection of defender try restart PC and check the problem. If still not uninstall kaspersky restart PC and install again. 

*dont needed u installing programs with special apps also do not uninstall antivirus with any av remover if you can success uninstall without problem via control panel. If you have trouble with uninstallation then you should use av remover for completely removing program. 

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Hi nexon, thanks for your reply.

I'm unable to turn off defender as Windows Security isn't working.

But I decided to uninstall Kaspersky and restart - very same problem with Windows security - cannot view, access etc but I do see Windows defender firewall is on. (same as defender ?)

So then, with these same Windows security issues, not sure then re-installing Kaspersky on top will help anything ?
I am not really sure why I need to turn off Windows defender to install Kaspersky anyway ?

But in any case, perhaps I just have a windows issue - Interestingly, I did a system restore (pre Kaspersky install) and the problem(s) were still there.
So hard to know if my install actions were the cause, or maybe they were already there to start with but I just didn't see.

So appreciate the advice - that's how I view it.
It's likely I will ask for local help to fix these Windows issues but please let me know if I could be missing anything important or relevant, I appreciate the advice, thanks.

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Then it is not kaspersky problem. 

You must enter into Windows security if not something with your Windows is not ok. 

Also why turn off defender? Because 2 or more antiviruses turned on in same will cause problems. Always use only one real time antivirus. 

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Thanks, I am not sure what happened (or when) but see what you're saying (assuming I am right, I don't know)

Regards defender -  I appreciate conflicts may exist with multiple AV's.

I just mean setup installation programs are standalone .- without disable firewall to run ?

I assumed setup would disable firewall itself ? At least I don't recall disabling firewall to run any setup.exe before....

Sorry, I thought you were referring to the "windows security" issue I had -  I assume not but maybe you were ? ?

In any case thanks, I will investigate these Windows security issues more.... ?

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You should not be able to run both at once. Defender is designed to turn itself off if it detects another anti-virus. This would suggest to me that Kaspersky is not installed correctly or has become corrupted. Try a reinstall of Kaspersky, or remove it it - your choice.

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