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Windows 10 - Kaspersky is running but Pop Up Messeage is still showing up

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Hello dear Community,

first of all im not a native english seaker, but i try my best. Thx for your Indulgence. My question is; I Use the KIS Full Version included the Secure connect App. on a Desktop PC running a Windows 10 x64 edit with all lates updates aso. I did turn off all the naging infos in popup notice form. BUT every time i turn my pc on i still get the Info Popup that i should turn on my antivirus protection. I did check all settings and everything seem fine for me but still this pop up comes every day. I even use the registry to maybe get rid of the pop up message but it still comes back. Does anybody know how to totally turn this off or how to fix this. If u gues needd more info pls let me know thx in advance.


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