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Why Kaspersky finds dangerous scripts on websites much less? Can hostname be shown with remote IP?

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I am using Kaspersky Internet Security 2021 trial, I wanted to test it by visiting websites which may be potentially harmful.for hours.Kaspersky gave security alert only 2 times.When I visited similar sites to test another company’s security suite(my subscription with it ended)  it was giving so many security alerts,blocking so many of those webpages, for some of them it was saying that the website was in  dangerous or potentially dangerous websites list, for some of them it was saying things like the page was trying to inject something...


I don’t understand the reason of this difference.Can you explain please,maybe caused by a setting? 


My other question is, when it asks if I want to allow an app to connect to a remote ip, it doesn’t give the hostname, just the ip.If it would give the hostname too it would be a bit more clear where it is trying to connect, than just ip address.Is there a setting to show hostname instead of ip in the KIS popup-box?

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