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Web Anti-Virus blocking unknown websites from trusted programs, never happened before. Full Scan returning Clean.

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Hello, First of all before i describe the problem let me establish the past situation.


My OS was windows 10 v1809. I had KSC running on it for the past 5 months. before that I had Windows Defender, I am generally very careful online and after installing KSC I did a full scan and no threat was detected So my PC was clean.


Yesterday I upgraded to Windows v1909 from an official ISO that I downloaded using an ESD tool from Microsofts server which was this : Link

from a trusted forum that i have been a part of for many years which was this : Link

I made a usb with the ISO and installed from usb using setup. Windows upgraded my pc without removing any drivers or programs to v1909.

After upgrading everything seems fine except after a few hours I started getting KSC notification about non-trusted website from VMNAT.exe, which i verified with virus total and it seems secure, I had vmware workstation pro installed. These were the initial blocks

blockings 1

I do some testing in VMware but I started it in case it was running in background, but it seemed to be shut off(I also have all shared folder and drag and drop features turned off in VM to make it secure), after a few more hours I started getting malicious website block notifications from same process

blocking 2

I panicked and uninstalled VMware workstation completely, reinstalled the windows 1909 using the option keep apps and files. but now even after doing all those now KSC is blocking from another network adapter (this time a VPN adapter) which is softether(another opensource trusted program I used for 2 years) the same domains seem to be starting again!

blocking 3

so right now I am very confused and scared. I did another full time scan with KSC, nothing is coming up, 0 threats, yet i am getting these unkown website notifications.


Please if anyone can offer any insight on what is going on, that would be very greateful

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