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URL Advisor [green shield visible] without the Kaspersky Security extension on Chrome? [Closed]

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A few days ago I downloaded the Kaspersky Security Cloud – Free edition and allowed it to install it’s extension on Chrome. It didn't take long for me to notice that it didn't work very well, for example the CPU usage jumped to 80%+ when I entered certain sites. Then I removed the extension. What I want to know, if it is normal for when I search on Google for there to be green shields (URL Advisor?) even without the security extension installed.


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Hello @Aoire,

You’re welcome!

Thank you for posting back!

Please tell us:

  1. Operating system name? version? build?
  2. KSecCloud version? patch(x)? x= letter
  3. Chrome version?
  4. Since removing Kaspersky Protection extension (from Chrome), has the high CPU issue resolved? 
  5. Is a VPN installed and active? 
  6. Was the CPU issue tested with the system in SafeMode?
  7. Since removing Kaspersky Protection extension has a  Chrome: Reset and clean up procedure been run? 
  8. Is Chrome run in  nomal mode? 

Please let me know?

Thank you


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