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TLS error: no key for certificate found

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1 hour ago, Victor999 said:

Same issue! 

Hello @Victor999


  1. To generate the credentials.ovpn file - which remote virtual server has been selected? 
  2. 👉Generate & download the credentials.ovpn file, open the credentials.ovpn file using a text editor - Notepad for example & post back a screen-print please? 


Resource: How to set up a connection via OpenVPN

Thank you🙏

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/interface/ovpn-client/import-ovpn-configuration file-name=credentials.ovpn ovpn-user=<username> ovpn-password=<password>
/interface/ovpn-client/set 0 name=kl-us-new-york tls-version=only-1.2 cipher=blowfish128 auth=sha1 use-peer-dns=no disconnect-notify=no disabled=no
/ip firewall/nat/add chain=srcnat action=masquerade out-interface=kl-us-new-york


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