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Spyshelter system protection is compatible with KSC free?

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I’m using Spyshelter Free to complement KSC free and control my firewall rules.


Spysheltter free have 2 modules: 

System protection and Firewall.


I don’t expect any incompatibilities with the firewall module, but should I disable the system protection? Kaspersky already covers it? I’m trying to complement the lack of app control feature from KSC fre.


According to Spyshelter help, system protection is described as:


“System Protection


Your computer has important system areas which, when harmed, can cause overall system instability. These areas include the Windows Operating Registry and the physical RAM.


SpyShelter System Defense Module is a proactive component that protects important system areas against any malicious software that might harm your system. As it protects your system, it also prevents any malicious applications from injecting malicious codes [DLL injections] into trusted components.


The SpyShelter System Defense is equipped with anti-action methods to prevent this from happening. In addition, it blocks malicious applications that use Kernel Driver Loading: these infect the system by installing code into your computer’s operating system.


This module also protects you against malicious applications that can modify values inside the Windows Registry.


The System Defense Module can protect the most important areas of your system. It's also able to prevent malicious applications from putting any module of SpyShelter out of operation. This is a proactive method of protection. System Defense Module does not only protect you against known threats but also protects you against unidentified and unknown threats.


Unique Protection System Against Malware


System Malware directly attacks your operating system. The main attack methods are:


•Global Hook Installation

•Rootkit Installations

•Thread Context Changing

•Direct Physical Memory Access

•Remote Thread Creation

•DLL Code Injection

•Kernel Driver Loading

•Program State and Memory Modification

•System Critical parts  Registry Modification


If a malware infiltrates into your system, it may cause system instability. Your operating system may become unstable. The system usage level can be changed, causing many undesirable effects in your system hardware. In conclusion, when the operating system and its hardware are damaged, you will risk losing your valuable data and you will also experience financial damage.


SpyShelter's System Defense Module is designed to protect you against malware, thanks to its proactive protection method.”



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