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Some KART display issues

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I am now using KART for Home (m). I've noticed the following display/UI issues:

1. The threat notification window sometimes goes blank (see below), especially when there are multiple (>3?) notifications. When the notification windows are blank, I cannot close them. I can only close these windows by terminating KART GUI process.


2. The scroll bar issue, shown in the below GIF.


Thanks and looking forward to your investigation.

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On 5/13/2022 at 10:09 PM, Vasily Burov said:

Hi, @qzlqz!

I am sorry for delay with answer. We reproduced these issues on our side and confirm them. These bugs will be fixed in upcoming product release.

Thank you for report!


Thanks for your reply!

In addition to the above issues, when there are multiple notifications, the notifications windows will look like this:


The detection name and the path seem like templates.



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