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Software updater 10 minutes of endless requests for permissions

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I recently started using Kaspersky Security Cloud Personal, not having used a Kaspersky product before.

This evening it informed me there was an update available for the K-Lite Codec Pack, which I’ve previously updated myself (it checks for and notifies of updates itself every couple of weeks). I clicked to allow KSC to do the update.

Part way through the update I started getting warnings flying open from KSC demanding to know whether to allow or block various things - mostly Registry changes, many for each of the various different components of the K-Lite Codec Pack. It went on and on flashing these up for over TEN MINUTES. MANY tens of demands for permissions, each demanding a click, a new one opening just a second after allowing the previous one, over and over and over. Didn’t matter if I just clicked allow, or ‘Trust this application’ or ‘remember this chain’ (or something like that). I’ve never suffered anything like this in decades of installing and updating software using any other security software.

Surely this isn’t how it should work? Am I missing some setting I should have set somewhere? Otherwise I’m going to have to disable the KSC Software updater and go back to updating manually.

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