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4 hours ago, Speedy66 said:

How can I transfer the Websites in "Save Payment" from one Laptop to another?

Hello @Speedy66


  • Open KIS, select Settings⚙, select Manage settings, select Export, save the KIS config file - the default location is to the Documents folder, but, you can choose to save the file anywhere you like - to a USB, to the desktop, anywhere at all, it's your choice. 
  • On the other laptop, open KIS, select Settings⚙, select Manage settings, select Import, import the KIS config file.
  • The Safe Money websites will be imported into the KIS application on the 2nd computer. 

Thank you🙏

Managing application settings


Images show the Export process, not import.

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On 12/2/2022 at 2:12 AM, Speedy66 said:

I tried the instructions, but the safe Money websites are not imported

Hello @Speedy66

Update from the Russia HQ:


"The developers analysed that issue in a bug request. The reason why the Safe Money list is not importing is it is account specific and binded to SID (security ID) which is different on another PC. This feature may be improved in next versions of the product. Unfortunately, Kaspersky have no workaround at this time."


The data exists, everything else is exported/imported, it should not be too difficult to facilitate this (ioo), the request is still open. 

Thank you🙏

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