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Renewal of kaspersky internet security in 3 devices

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my kaspersky internet security for 1 device expires in 50 days from now.

So i purchased the same product but for 3 devices. I have already installed the key in my first device (Kaspersky tells me ’’New activation code has been found in your application, after the current licence expires the new code will initiate activation automatically. So far so good!

Now, if i want to install kaspersky to my android device, will i lose the 50 remaining  days that my first device has? Should i wait for the old code to expire and then install it to the other devices?


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Hello @stratos123

Welcome back!

  • Too often we’ve seen problems when activation codes have been added early. 
  • (ioo), the best time to add a new code is when the  old code has expired. 
  • Note: the countdown starts on the date the code is added to the first device. 
  • When it comes time for the Android, you do not need to add the code, make sure the new code is in your MyKaspersky account, sign into the account, select the new license so the phone & the  MyKaspersky account/license synchronise. 

Thank you🙏

Flood🐳 +🐋

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