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Quarantined Files


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I just ran a full scan on my phone and it detected a file and added it to quarantined files. I want to delete the quarantined file but I can't find where are the quarantined files on the Mobile app. Where are all the quarantined files on the Kaspersky mobile Android version?

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Hello @vrl-458, welcome.

Have you searched the online help for the topic quarantine?


Quarantine. The app moves files and apps detected while scanning to Quarantine. In Quarantine, the app stores files and apps in a compressed format so they cannot harm the device. Once a file is quarantined, you can either delete it permanently or restore it (Kaspersky app recommends that you not restore quarantined files as they might damage your device). Once an app is quarantined, you can only delete it permanently.

How to restore quarantined files to their original folders or delete them permanently

  1. In the main app window, tap Automatic Anti-Virus > Quarantine.
  2. Tap the file and select an action:
    • Restore: The file will be restored to its original folder.
    • Delete: The file will be deleted.
    • Delete all: All files stored in Quarantine will be deleted.



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