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Problems helping friend remotely using AnyDesk remote access and Kaspersky Cloud Free

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Hi there,


I was trying to help a friend remove and reinstall Kaspersky Cloud Free today but come up against a problem .  Whenever I wanted to do something within Kaspersky itself I could not operate the interface at all. I could not click on any buttons, scroll any sliders etc.  

I understand that Kaspersky has something built-in to stop access by remote control software but am unsure the exact steps I nee my friend to take to temporarily allow AnyDesk so I can do all of the setting up I need to do and then to re-enable the protection at the end so he is safe from scammers. 

Can anyone tell me the steps please?





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Hello @smipx

Welcome back!



  • If you’re passing data back, from the target device to your device, also check Enable external service control

Uncheck both when the work is finished.

Note: our image shows KTS, KSCF is the same.

Thank you🙏

Flood🐳 +🐋

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